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Belgard Update

It's been a while since the last post. So... I guess I will start with “Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year”. I should have realized since we've been home from the NICU and only posted a few times that this would be the norm.
It's been nothing short of an amazing year, stock full of memories, and a journey that we will surely treasure for a lifetime. I wanted to share the latest milestones from our little guy, a few pics, and couple general updates for the Belgard family.
It's interesting how teaching your puppy to roll over and watching your child sit up for the first time are wildly similar, yet completely different. Nonetheless, your Facebook timeline doesn't lie about the amount of social buzz created by both events. I'm just glad that Marley is as equally fascinated with Boone as he is with her. It's a really sweet interaction between the two of them and I'm determined to catch one of those moments on film.
In the meantime, Boone has been a busy man the last few months. Here’s an “I can... ” list now that he’s almost eight months:
- I can sit on my own with just a few tumbles.
- I can make the “da da” sound, but I have no idea what I'm saying.
- I can grab my feet and roll around on my back like a Rollie pollie.
- I can and will eat anything you put on my spoon.
- I can get the ladies to smile by blinking my pretty blue eyes.
- I can be cranky because I'm getting my first tooth.
- I can hear my name and turn in response.
- I can reach for mommy and daddy.
- I can use my hands to sign milk.
- I can laugh and giggle out loud.
We are overwhelmed with love and joy every time our little guy reaches a new milestone.
It's true Boone is growing quicker then I would like; however, I know that he is here for a reason. I see the Lord use his precious little smile to shine His light in peoples’ lives wherever we go. As I reflected on the birth of Jesus over Christmas, I am certain there is a particular purpose for the circumstances surrounding Boone’s entry into the world. I have no doubt that the Lord is using our son for his glory, and I'm certainly honored to be a part of the bigger picture.
As we begin a new year, the Belgards are continuing the task of cultivating discipleship in married couples, young adults, and students in inner city Houston. Also, we are doing some family fitness. I am training for a 5K race in February with my incredible colleagues and of course the fabulous “Coach” Sharon. Casey is training for a half marathon in New Orleans with some of his buddies from Louisiana. Boone will be selling jars of his slobber while cutting his first tooth. And of course Marley will be training with me, which she loves, and also continuing her efforts in becoming Boone’s personal body guard.
Hopefully 2012 will bring new endeavors, continuing efforts, and of course a LOT of fun! Stay tuned for more updates on the Belgards which may or may not be sporadic.